HDMI Matrix Switcher – Useful in Distributing Video to Multiple Rooms

An HDMI switch is a useful device to connect multiple devices to HDTV but it has some limitations; it only supports HDMI output and many HDMI switches have only one HDMI output. If you need a device offering multiple and varied HDMI output interfaces, HDMI matrix switch is the answer.

Let’s learn about HDMI matrix switcher 8×8 in detail and some tips to select right HDMI matrix switcher.

What is Matrix Switcher?

Matrix switch has the capability to route multiple audio/video sources to varied audio/video destinations and not necessarily HDMI only. The matrix switch can accept inputs signals from a wide range of HD devices that includes cameras, Blu-ray players, computer and many more. It can route the audio-video signals to different output devices like HDTV, flat panel displays, projectors, and video conference codecs.

Matrix Switcher Popular Configurations

An HDMI matrix switcher 8×8 will have 8 inputs and 8 outputs. It means the device can receive AV signals from 8 HDMI devices at a time and route them to 8 different displays. The Matrix Switcher 8×8 supports- 8x8x8x8x8x8x8x8 = 16,777,216 switching combinations.

The matrix switcher 8×8 is a high-end device in its category with maximum HDMI inputs and HDMI outputs. You can also find Matrix switcher configurations like 4×2(4 HDMI inputs and 2 HDMI outputs), 4×4(4 HDMI inputs and 4 HDMI outputs), and 4×8(4 HDMI inputs and 8 HDMI outputs).

Depending on the make and model of the matrix switch, it can also multiple Ethernet ports, and separate ports to carry an audio signal.

Where is Matrix Switcher used?

Matrix switchers are expensive and mostly used in places in command and control centers, video conference rooms, classrooms, corporate boardrooms, home theaters, and restaurants.

Technology behind the HDMI Matrix Switcher

The matrix switcher supports data transfer rates up to 6.75 Gbps and also support Deep color up to 12 bit. It can also route audio in HD lossless audio format. The matrix switcher features advanced intelligent technologies that enable it to communicate with varied digital devices with ease.

The device several advanced technologies that allow intelligent digital AV switching, supporting display up to 4K resolution, visual confirmation of HDCP compliance, and continuous EDID management for better output, automatic equalization of inputs and re-clocking of outputs.

Features to look in an HDMI switcher

Not all matrix switcher are made equal. Device manufacturers are known to skip some features in their products to bring down manufacturing costs. However, there are some features that are extremely important for efficient functioning of the matrix switcher. You need to ensure the HDMI matrix switcher you purchase has them.

EDID Management

EDID is an acronym for Extended Display Information Data. This technology was introduced in desktop monitors where it communicates its video capabilities to the video card. The video card then negotiated the best compatible resolution for the display that resulted in superior video output.

Since matrix display can connect to a wide range of displays up to 4K resolution. The EDID management feature will allow the device to select the best compatible resolution that works between HDMI source and the HD display.

Intelligent Input Selection

The HDMI matrix switcher can sense the active HDMI sources and HDMI outputs. The intelligent input selection will reduce the dependence on the remote control as the device can automatically select the most recently activated HDMI sources and displays automatically.

Power Saving

The power consumption of HDMI matrix switcher is more than a simple HDMI switch. For example, the power consumption of HDMI matrix switcher 4×2 is around 8w and it increases with the number of HDMI inputs and outputs. It is quite common to forget to switch off the equipment that is not right in front of the eye which leads to waste of power.

You need to look for a matrix switcher that has power saving feature. It means the device should automatically turn off if it detects no HDMI inputs or HDMI outputs are active at any time.

Did we miss any important feature in HDMI matrix Switcher? Please feel free to leave your comments below.