How to Buy a Gaming Mouse: Features to Look For

Gaming has never been this mainstream and with technological advancements it is only growing to be one of the biggest entertainment industries. The number of content creators, studios and gaming broadcasters has increased over the time and as a result, gamers get to play an exhaustive number of different games every year. Every game has its own unique gameplay and requires the gamers to adapt to the game. PC gamers have to assemble a lot of gadgets to play and gaming mouse is one of the most important ones.

A gaming mouse assists the player to adapt to each game through its complex operational structure and this is not possible by a regular mouse. A gaming mouse will have several addons that will improve the quality and efficiency in a mouse. These well-equipped mice offer a myriad of additional features to the gamer, making the gameplay a lot easier and flexible. Novice gamers wouldn’t know what features to look for in a gaming mouse and this article is to help them. The article will list out the 5 features that one must look for while buying a gaming mouse. Read on for details.

1. Type

As mentioned above, each game requires its own gaming mouse or a gaming mouse is suitable only for a particular genre of games. The three most popular mice are all purpose, MMO and FPS gaming mouse. If you are a gamer who plays all MMO, FPS and other games and not that specific about the mouse, an all-purpose mouse is the best choice. MMO gaming mouse is perfect for MMO games like Diablo and Dota, and FPS mouse for games like Call of Duty and Crysis. If you are specific about the mouse, you can also go for a customizable mouse which can be modified to suit your preferences.

2. Laser vs Optical

There is no much difference between laser and optical sensors used in gaming mouse. Optical mice use a LED to track the movement and laser mice use a laser to track the movement. However they don’t bear any major differences and don’t affect your gaming.

3. Price

Gaming mouse is certainly more expensive than a regular mouse and comes under the price range of $50 to $150 normally. Starting with $50 gaming mice, they have excellent ergonomics, excellent sensors, robust software and support a wide array of games. Mice that are $100 and more dollars are specialized, customized mice for professional gamers.

4. Weight, Size and Grip

Weight, size and grip have a lot to do with the functioning of a gaming mouse. Unless a gamer is comfortable and content with these aspects, it is impossible for him/her to play properly. Hence, while buying a gaming mouse these three aspects have to be given a lot of thought to make an informed decision.

5. Illumination

In order to sync with the gaming arena and keep various profiles straight, illumination is an added element that one should look for while buying a gaming mouse. These mice have RGB lighting and are found in the most of the popular gaming mice.